About Us

So just what is the “Concept” in Concept Real Estate Group?  The concept is not ours, it is yours!  Our unique approach to home buying, renting and selling services starts by helping you identify your individual lifestyle goals.  After all, your home is your foundation for achieving the New York City lifestyle you always wanted to live. What do you like to do?  Where do you like to go?  What are the things that define the lifestyle of your dreams?  We spend the time with you to learn what makes you who you are, and use your own lifestyle goals as the starting point for your home search.  Click to take the Buyer/Renter Lifestyle Assessment Survey Now.

For home sellers, it’s the same.  Your home for sale will enjoy all of the cutting edge promotion attention necessary in today’s competitive market, but in addition, we take the time to develop a lifestyle profile for your home that will speak to the most important and personal needs of potential buyers.

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